Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey: Not just for Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which is so so exciting because I will be going to my sister's fiance's family's house in Dirty Jerz to eat a BANQUET of free food. CANNOT WAIT to talk about it. I spent Easter with them and they like good food, even though they are not Italian. Woohoo! I give thanks prematurely to them!

Till then, I am ever so thankful to 2 wonderful people in my life: Johnny K and my sister Katie.

Johnny K is my colleague and dear friend at work who supplies my daily fix of candy. He also happens to have a fabulous sister Kerry who loves Real Housewives of Atlanta as much as I do (Can we talk--WHO watched the reunion??? Kim, what did you order at Chili's while waiting to find out if you had cancer? A bloomin' onion, perhaps? Guacamole? Only if it wasn't made with a mortar and pestle!). Today, John went above and beyond even that.

Remember how yesterday I pigged out on a hot dog with sauerkraut, a hamburger, and a Snack Wrap? And Johnny K offered me a delicious sandwich, which I had to TURN DOWN because I was too full??? Oh, those were dark days for a free food foodie such as myself.

Well, today was a half day at work, and Johnny K was about to leave for the day when he came up to me. "Remember that turkey sandwich with mozzarella and honey mustard from yesterday?"

"Um, yeah, John."

"Well, I still have half of it and I am going to throw it away. Want it?"

"Um, yeah, John."

I ate it and it was amazing.

Then tonight my sis Katie ventured to my pad in Queens. She made me watch Law & Oder about the crane, because the crane crashed into her real life apartment in Manhattan. BUT she bought me sushi for dinner, so it was all good.

Turkey and sushi! The pilgrims never had it so good!

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Kerry said...

Oh my god! Does your sister live on 51st St? Because where that one crane fell down a while back, thats where my mother grew up and where my grandparents lived for a zillion yrs!