Monday, November 3, 2008

I elect free food for President!

After a very shady weekend of free food, where my friend had to treat me so I could get my quota in (how moochy sounding of me, I am so embarrassed) I am pleased to announce that today was a pretty fabulous day for free food, albeit junky snack food! First I ate a lot of leftover Halloween candy from Johnny K's stash. This does not bode well with my Weight Watchers and Marathon goals, but whatevs. Then I walked over to pick up some copies from the printer, and low and behold there was a spread of gourmet yuppy snack foods, I guess from someone's gift basket. I ate some fancy chips, asparagus dip, and chocolate covered-toffee almonds. Yum! I also grabbed the lone dark chocolate candy bar, because I knew no one else would have the cojones to take it but yours truly!

Go vote tomorrow!

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