Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't be tardy to the party!

Oh my God kids. Can we talk??? WHO just watched Real Housewives of Atlanta? Kerry? How AMAZING was it??? I am disappointed that Mychael Knight did not school Sheree more, though I am excited that She by Sheree will be hitting the runway soon! I hope I can get tickets to the next fundraiser to the DeShawn Snow Foundation, and maybe I can buy some jury from Lisa's line. If I'm REALLY lucky, Kim will perform at the Highline Ballroom, and NeNe will join me to watch and we will throw tomatoes at her. Hell, maybe Big Poppa will come too! Do you think now that he's broken up with Kim, he'll be my Sugar Daddy? Please? I love that we found out they'd only been dating 7 months . . . she must be QUITE an accomplished girlfriend if he's financing her like that. Wow. I just cannot wait for the reunion. There is going to be a major smackdown between Lisa and Kim. Woohoo!

I know you're all, Liz, shouldn't this be about free food! Did you maybe pillage some peaches? Is that why you're all about Georgia? And the answer would be no, I buy my peaches, and not this time of year because they're out of season and too expensive. It's a recession baby, and that's why this past week has been one for the ages. It's like a free food famine. Yes, I did get to go to a pawn shop champagne lunch on Saturday, but this week at work has been a dearth of free food. Thank God for Johnny K and his Batman head!

Well, since it's been a quiet couple of days, I've been on a mission. One of my coworkers not in my department walked by my desk with a box that could only be filled with one thing: cupcakes. I casually said to her, hey, if you have any extra, I'll help you. She said that they were only going to people who worked on a certain initiative that the company just completed. She then walks right by me and brings the box to Ken's desk, where she leaves them and walks away. Now, Ken knows I LOVE free food, and he's hugely supportive of my quest. I ran over to his desk, and before I even got there he smiles at me and opens the box. "Look what I've got! Magnolia cupcakes. Take one Liz!"

I did and it was absolutely divine.


Kerry said...

I loved the finale! I loved how Dallas Austin told Kim she sucked (she does) as a singer (and everything else) and had to quit smoking and lose weight. I loved that her daughters threw her stash in the garbage. (I wonder how long it took, until she reached in and took them all back to a secret hiding place. It is SO classy that she keep her cigs in the fridge. She is gross.
I can not wait for the reunion next week! NeNe, Kim and Sheree will screech at each other from across the room and maybe (hopefully) fist fight each other!(**fingers crossed**)
And seriously, can we just have a show where NeNe's husband just tells everyone to shut the F up and then throws out some awesome lecture! He is my new favorite!
Great episode!

Kerry said...

Also, do you watch Top Chef? It has some drama, not anything compared to The Housewives, but if you don't get any free food for the day, you can always watch people bitch at each other and cook lots of food.
And, hey, another free food idea I had for you (since Im a cook at one) is to go to Whole Foods. They always have samples out and if you ask them to taste anything (ANYTHING), they have to let you! Its a rule! Go get some free all natural and organic treats!