Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy birthday brother Androo!

Yesterday was my brother Androo's 26th birthday. He lives in Nashville, he's 6'7, and he has a full beard so he looks like a hobo, but a really preppy hobo as he works at J. Crew (the pictures here are from our trip to San Francisco in June, when he knew what a razor was). Droo used to live in New York, and we were bff's, and now he is just the worst communicator ever. Droo--I left you two messages and you have yet to call me back! Such a man! At any rate, happy birthday. Too bad you don't live here anymore, because then someone might have bought you a cake, and I could have eaten a piece of it and written about it. Oh well!

Mondays are always tough, but this Monday is the beginning of a short week because of Thanksgiving, woohoo! And let me give a little early thanks. Thanks to Johnny K for always having candy in the Batman head. Thank you for corporate bigwigs for having meetings with good food. Thank you Mom for sending me a Thanksgiving card, but what was up with no check inside? Not to be rude, but I expect more from you. Just saying.

And finally, thank you to my boss for bringing in Munchkins today! I ate 2 chocolate ones and 2 glazed ones, and even accounted for their Weight Watchers points (about 6, according to

And thank YOU all for reading. Besos!

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