Monday, March 29, 2010

God even wants me to eat free food!

It's not often I like to invoke His good name, but seeing as how it is Holy Week and all that stuff I figure it is okay. At any rate, today some church pushers gave me a free granola bar and a pamphlet for their church. Sure I'll come if you promise cake at the services!

Must go to bed now. I have a Firemen Singles Party to go to tomorrow night.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arrrrrrgh you hungry???

Hey all! Long time no talky talky! I've been busy eating! Forgive me!

Where to begin . . . well I last spoke with you on Wednesday. Wasn't that a good day. I ate free Red Mango. Yeah! Then on Thursday we had a pizza party for work. I ate a slice of chicken parm and a slice of mushroom. And salad, which is so healthy. Then on Friday I ate free pizza AGAIN! See, there was a luncheon for interns, and they had pizza leftover, and your girl Liz grabbed a slice of mushroom.

Then on Friday night I took Metro North out to the burbs to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins where we played life size Jenga and ate . . . you guessed it . . . pizza! I ate a slice of cheese sprinkled with black olives and also some calimari salad. So so good!

On Saturday we drove to North Andover for my mom's, gulp, 60th birthday. I had given up booze for Lent but I granted myself a dispensation so I could drink at the restaurant, which I did (2 beers and several glasses of wine. Yum!). I ate bruschetta, a fancy quesadilla, Ceasar salad, tuna, and cake! Yeah! It was cool to share the night with my family and my parents' closest friends, but it was even cooler to eat all that free food!

Today we drove back, but I snuck a few chocolate chip cookies out of the house while my mom was not looking. Yippie skippie!

Now it's bed time.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am the new Oprah!

Look at me, always posting pictures of myself on my blog! I'm just like Oprah with her magazine! This is an older picture but I truly wish I could have taken my picture TODAY because I looked ADORABLE. I wore a cute textured tan skirt, a navy blue top, and brown pumps and a hot brown leather jacket that I bought at a super cool vintange store in Astoria called Loveday 31. I donned my signature glasses and my hair was in a ponytail and I was convinced everyone was staring at me. Woohoo!

I dressed up because I had to go to a networking event for work where there was . . . drum roll please . . . free Red Mango yogurt! A little too healthy for me but oh well, it tasted good! I grabbed a water to take with me on my way out, but then I left it in the bathroom. Boohoo! I stopped at Bryant Park to read where I proceeded to spill coffee (not free, I bought it) on my skirt and then I had to buy a non-free water to dab my cute tan textured skirt. Dramz!

Overall, not a bad day!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lemonheads: It's a Shame About Sour Candies

Hello all!

Just another day--and struggle--in the life of Liz without the Batman head filled with candy! I imagine this is what the Irish felt like amid the potato famine. These are tough times to find free food!

After catching up on Celebrity Fit Club last night, I was feeling all inspired. But I still wanted a sweet. So I grabbed a giant Lemonhead from the new candy jar in my office. It was okay but I prefer chocolate. But beggars can't be choosers!

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Indian Name is Eats With Two Hands . . .

Your girl Liz is BACK. As in, will write more than three sentences. As in, will lift pictures from the Internet and post them on this site. I've been in a blog coma of sorts and then my friend Lori gave me the swift kick in the virtual pants that I needed. You've all missed me, all 11 of you!!! Just like Barbra Streisand and Cher before me, I'm returning to the stage. Are you begging for an encore?

I confess I've been a little absent because, frankly, I'm not eating as much free food anymore. There is no more Batman head in the office from where I can steel candy all day. The economy is still bad so no leftover lunches. I've had to scavenge for my loot. Plus I gave up booze for Lent and I'm training for a marathon so I'm eating, gasp, healthfully! And I have two weddings to go to this year and I'm still single and need to find a hot groomsmen/best man/ ANY man to keep me warm on the dance floor.Eek!

These situations present challenges when you are a well-respected journalist on the prowl for free food. But in the name of integrity I am committed to my mission. So I ate one chocolate heart and one Jawbreaker today. For free.

Till tomorrow,


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!

Your girl Liz gave up booze for Lent and as such chose not to imbibe yesterday. So no free booze.

HOWEVER, today at work I ate three servings of free gelato. Almost as good as hooch juice!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Jaw break this!

Ah, to be on a diet when your mission is eating free food. It's not easy but someone has to do it. And that someone is me.

Today I only ate 1 free Jawbreaker. Pitiful, really.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Ahead!

Yo! It's daylights savings time! Woohoo! Too bad it's raining. Boohoo!

I drank free coffee today. Free pizza yesterday. Heck, better than nothing!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Liz Simons, Full of Fruit

Since I'm training for a marathon, I'm trying to eat healthfully. So imagine my pleasant surprise when there was free fruit at work today!

I would have been equally happy with free cupcakes.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Almost Friday . . .

Thank God! I am going to go to town this weekend writing. I have so much to say and am too lazy to do it now. I will tell you this: I was sitting in Herald Square tonight after work at one of those little tables that aims to make the area more pedestrian friendly. While on the phone talking to my aunt, a dude walked over to me and kissed me on my mouth. For realz. Startled, I gazed into his eyes. "Oh, I thought you were someone else!" the young Latin boy said to me. I recoiled but his face was still inches from mine--and I'm still talking to my aunt. He then asked me for the time. I ran the hell away.

Now, this has been a dream of mine forever to be stopped on the streets by a young hot man who wants to whisk me away. But one, I didn't look hot today so I wasn't convinced he approached me because he was madly in love with me. Two, he wasn't hot. And three, a stranger kissed me on the mouth--it was creepy! If he had been FDNY it would have been a different story.

My mouth got a free kiss and also a free Jawbreaker today. Woohoo!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baked by Melissa, Eaten by Liz

Today we threw a shower because a coworker is going to be a dad . . . which means cupcakes! Yippee. My coworked ordered a few dozen from Baked By Melissa. These cupcakes are about the size of a quarter, so needless to say I ate 10. Actually, it might have been 12. Or 13. Or maybe even more. Whoops!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tootsie Roll

Tootsie Rolls are the cutest candy in the world. They are not the tastiest though. However, they were the only free food I ate today. It was a slow, slow day.