Saturday, November 8, 2008

Get a (J) Clue: Rethinking my Free Food Addiction

Yowzas kids. My brother Androo is visiting from Nashville and we went shopping at J. Crew. Despite the fact that my brother is 6'7 and looks like a mountain man (UVM style, not Deliverance style, fyi), he has an excellent sense of style so he helped me pick out some clothes. I tried on skinny jeans and cords and wow was I a bigger size than I thought! Instead of despairing, however, I reminded myself that it is only white men who are averse to a round, full derriere, and that in the Middle Ages there would probably be lots of portraits painted of me.

So tonight when I went over to my aunt and uncle's house, I did not let"Pants-gate" discourage me from eating a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream and three Thin Mints.

I'm still adorbs!

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