Sunday, November 23, 2008

On Watching Trashtastic VH1 on Sundays

Sundays are wonderful for doing things like catching up on all your shows that you have DVR'ed during the week, especially if you had too much to drink the night before and don't want to leave your couch! Guess who this describes? Me!

See, last night I went all the way to Williamsburg for my dear friends Paul and Jordan's joint birthday party. They were freshmen my senior at Duke and they are two of the funniest people I know. Anyway, for those who have never been, Williamsburg is a place where men have the skinniest chicken legs anywhere and they wear skinny jeans to complement these legs. They also grow moustaches ironically. It is a very hip, trendy place. Needless to say, I never go there.

So I get to the party, which is an apartment, and Paul's all, Lizzzzzz! You look great! Look at you! You would never know you eat free food every day!

For this, Paul, I love you.

I know no one at this party and the music's loud so I grab a drink (red wine)! And another! And another (this time a beer)! And I think a few more anothers, all red wine, which can be so problematic the way it makes your teeth red. Ugh. I also danced with a stranger which was fun!

Now, this is another example where I'm manipulating my own rules. I got to the party before midnight and left after midnight so thus had free booze yesterday and today.

I've felt a lot worse and today was an actual productive day. I watched The Pick-up Artist, Rock of Love Charm School, and Amazing Race. I am so ashamed to admit that I find Dallas really hot. He's more Guido than the kids on Growing Up Gotti, and I think he uses more gel than the continent of Europe, but he's got that hot beefcake, hasn't used his brain in a while look that I do adore. Plus he's running the race with his single mom. He's only 22 but maybe he's into cougar, hehehe.

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