Sunday, November 2, 2008

Marathon Eating!

Hey all! It's your bestest pal Liz bringing you the news in my quest to eat across New York City and beyond without paying a dime! No, I'm not a freegan and no I'm not a total mooch/cheapskate/thief, but I love free stuff!

This weekend was actually very challenging in the hunt. Today was the New York City Marathon, and I watched from 76th St and 1st Ave to support my good friend Lori. She ran like the wind, and I am really, really proud of her. Go Lori!

I felt all inspired to run the marathon next year for about 3 minutes after Lori passed us, and then I got all hungry. My friends and I ventured to a friend's pad on the Upper East Side. Susan and Janice stopped at the grocery store to pick up snacks and beer, woohoo!

We got to the apartment, and I ate lots of chips and homemade pizza. Surprisingly, I only drank soda.

Janice asked everyone to contribute $10. I only had a $20, and she couldn't make change, so my friend Adam told me he'd cover my part and I could buy him a beer next time. Adam rules! This meant that this meal would count towards my free food stash. Otherwise I probably would have had to steal something on the way home, hehe (and just kidding, I don't steal, in case any future potential employees are googling me).

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