Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fondue is a fon-do!

What's up kids? After my disastrous trip to J. Crew, I realized I might need a little help from God. So today I went to to church for my cousin's confirmation, and I begged Him: Please aid me in my quest for free food, but make it healthy.

Did God listen?

Well, sort of!

See, after the confirmation my aunt and uncle took us out to dinner at a really delicious fondue restaurant called Artisanal in Manhattanh. We ate cheese fondue and french fries (yuppy, fancy fries which they call "frittes" on the menu), probably not the best choice for a lifestyle change. Where are You, God???

Well, He was listening because then the waitress came to take our dinner order and I chose branzini (a type of white fish) instead of the mushroom risotto which looked delish, creamy, and fattening! Thanks God!

To reward myself, I gladly partook in the chocolate fondue for dessert, but I only ate the fruit pieces--bananas and apricots. Well, okay, I also ate a couple cookies and homemade marshmallows, but not a ton of them!

All right, back to tv, although my DVR did not record any of my shows today, so I'm stuck watching HBO On Demand. God, come back!

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