Thursday, November 6, 2008

On Greg and Muffins

Last night before I went to bed I started watching the Pick-Up Artist on VH1, which is tied with Real Housewives of Atlanta as being my favorite show on television at the moment. The premise of the show is that this pick-up master named Mystery (who looks like he's going to a Renaissance Fair but hey, some people find that hot) gives dorks makeovers and works on developing their self-confidence so they can ultimately attract women. I am a feminist, so yes, this show is totally horrifying on many levels, but overall it is AWESOME and I love the geeks on it and I want them all to succeed.

Except for one guy, who I only want to succeed with me, if you know what I mean. His name is Greg and he is HOT. He used to have long hair and glasses and then they gave him contacts and a haircut so now he is F-I-N-E fine. I tried to post his pictures but blogger is not letting me do it, boo.

I only watched a scene or two on the DVR before I went to bed. And then the next morning I woke up all hot and bothered because I had kind of a sexy dream, inspired by Greg! And when I say "kind of a sexy dream," it means 1) I am Catholic so I am an angel! 2) my Dad reads this blog (or so he says) and 3) it only involved kissing (for real).

In addition to being kind of sexy, it was really disturbing, because it involved a high school classmate who I have not thought about since high school and who was just flat out strange. Granted, I was on the math team in high school so who I am to judge. But in my dream he was grown up and really hot, and tall, and possessed beautiful full lips, and he kissed me in a really sensuous and Casanova-Don Juan way, while remaining pretty manly.

So this morning I was all confused: Why was I dreaming about weird high school boy? Why did I not even get laid in my dreams??? I may be Catholic but I still have needs, God Damnit! So I was super thrilled wen I got to work because there was a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin waiting for me on my desk! My colleague Stace had made them using a low-fat recip, no less, so I was ecstatic. Then later on one of our freelancers came by with a HUGE box of leftover cupcakes from a shoot. I took 3, but ended up giving one away because I'm good like that. I brought one home for dessert and then left one at work for a mid-afternoon (hell, let's be honest here, probably a mid-morning) snack tomorrow.

And don't fret, I returned the gym today before coming home and finishing Pick-Up Artist, where there was some pretty hot Greg action, woohoo!

I wonder what I will dream tonight!

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