Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pizza rules!

Due to the craaaaazy election, I am really behind on all my shows. Tonight I managed to catch up with two of them: Real Housewives of Atlanta (which Anderson Cooper watches, by the way) and Rock of Love Charm School. Tomorrow night will be Amazing Race, The Pick-Up Artist, and maybe 90210.It is so tough having such a busy schedule. Between my shows, work, and the gym (my sister is getting married in a year and I have to look amazing, just in case I'm still single and there is a hot catering boy there who needs a book-lovin', pop-culture whorin', glasses-wearin' dynamo to show him the way at the wedding), I have barely have time to cook.

So it's awesome when my company takes this into consideration and feeds me.

Today I forgot I had a lunch meeting for some emergency response training team I'm on at the office. We had our annual training, and because the folks who assemble this team have an appreciation for food, they ordered in a fabulous lunch.

We had to bring our own drinks, and they said there were would be pizza. Which there was.

BUT, they also ordered buffalo wings and salad. Genius! I ate a slice of pepperoni and a slice of cheese, 3 wings, and some celery dipped in blue cheese. I was going to take a second plate for the salad, but then I said to myself, Who are you fooling? Do you think the salad will wipe out all the calories? Hell no. So why bother. I think they ordered it just to make me feel guilty.

I went to the gym after work, did the eliptical for 40 minutes, felt awesome, then came home and vegged. Ah, a great day!


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