Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday: a Great Day for Bagels!

Hey all,

I'm not gonna lie. I am a huge New York Post fan and I read it every day. I get all snippy on people who call it trash and say they only read the Times. Ugh, so snobby. You know they only really buy it for the crossword puzzle.

Anyway, how can you NOT love a paper with such headlines as "Ho No!" (Elliot Spitzer), "Warm up the Virgins" (Zarqawi) and of course the classic "Headless Body in Topless Bar." Whenever a scandal happens, I am so excited to buy the Post to see what they say.

That's why I'm disappoinyed in my OWN choice of headlines. I am not as quick and witty as I would like to be. Oh well!

But anyway . . . after so much champagne yesterday I needed a good hearty breakfast, so I was thrilled when I walked into work and there were leftover bagels! Woohoo!

This is short because I've got to go to bed. TTYL!

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