Sunday, January 4, 2009

A quickie!

What's up my good friends???

I know I've been kind of lazy the past couple weeks. You see, I've been on vacation, and not working, so all routine is out the door. I still ate free food, I just didn't write about it as much, eek!

Here are some highlights of the past few days:

1) January 1, 2009--I spent New Year's Eve at my friends Gloria and Ben's house in Cambridge with two other couples plus one-year-old twins. I slept over and on Jan 1 I ate leftover pizza, woohoo! My dad came to pick me up, and then we went over my favorite Irish-Italian family in all of North Andover's house. Mistress and master of the house Marie and Barry had pizza waiting for me, plus wine, beer, decaf coffee, and chocolate cheesecake. Plus I got to see their 2 awesome (adult) children Shelagh and Ryan and Shelagh's new baby Mia, who is so goddamn cute and has the fattest lil thighs and she is at the only age where it is appropriate to comment on a woman's weight (she is 7 months).

2) January 2, 2009--This was my last day in MA before I took my beloved Fung Wah back to New York. First my dad and I went to Whirlaway Sports in Methuen, home of the Loop, to buy me new running shoes. While not food, they were free because Papa Simons bought them for me! We stopped back at the house so I could eat lunch before my trip. My dad was so cute--he packed an extra lunch for me to take on the bus. He made me a turkey sandwich with mustard and Muenster cheese, and threw in a few cookies and a tangerine. I don't think my father has ever packed his own lunch in 34 years of marriage to my mom, so I thought this was so cute and adorable and made me love my dad more than I already do! My mom had made the cookies so I love her a lot too!

3) January 3, 2009--My first full day back in NY. I went over my friend Mike's house to play backgammon and drink gin and tonics. He also gave me a cookie.

Today was meh in the free food pursuit. And my meh I mean a failure, unless you count the Communion wafer I ate at church, or I should say the body of Christ. Tomorrow I go back to work, which is a little depressing, but at least I'll have Johnny K's Batman head!

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