Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year, Less Pizza

Today was such a deviation from my usual behavior. It started in the morning when there were leftover bagels from a meeting. I ate half, used my own Weight Watchers cream cheese (1 point per 2 tablespoons!), and THEN threw AWAY the other half. And it was WHOLE WHEAT.

Later on that day my department had a pizza party. I ate ONE slice of pepperoni pizza and some salad. I then went to the dentist to fill a cavity. Eek!

I only ate one (or two) Hershey Kisses from Johnny K's Batman head.

At 5:30, I ate a leftover slice of pizza that I had hidden away.

I left work at 7pm and went to the gym.

When I got home, I did NOT watch The Real Housewives of Orange County.

I did NOT watch American Idol nor did I watch The Bad Girls Club.

Nope, I watched some quality SCRIPTED tv, The Office and 30 Rock.

A change is gonna come people, a change is gonna come.

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