Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Idiot Girlfriend Academy

Okay, okay. I know this blog is supposed to be how I eat free food every day, and I assure you that this is still my mission, all 3.4lbs less of me! BUT, my other favorite thing besides food is television and I have to vent about all my shows, since I live alone and there is only so much screaming one can do at the set.

So tonight I'm watching Tool Academy on VH1. Wow, doesn't it sound like an Emmy winner. A bunch of girls nominated their douchebag boyfriends to go through good boyfriend boot camp. Now, I applaud the effort at self-improvement, and these tools definitely need some sharpening, but wow are these girls total doormat/enablers. They make the moms on Intervention who buy their children heroin look like drill sergeants. Dump the assholes, women! It is PAINFUL to watch, but I'll keep up my masochistic ways at least for 3 more weeks. Plus the host looks like a cross between Tommy Lee Jones and Cash Warren (aka Mr. Jessica Alba) and it is scaring me.

With all this crappy (yet wonderful television), thank God for Johnny K's Batman head. Ate a Blow Pop and a few Hershey Kisses today.

Tomorrow we're having pizza. Hopefully I'll only eat one slice, but knowing me it will probably be two!

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