Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God Bless America!

Wow, what an AMAZING day it was! Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, black or white, old or young, it was a moment of pride for Americans and the world. I am really excited about Barack Obama's presidency, and I salute him.

Watching all these inaugural balls on Fox News reminds me how much fun celebrating is. Parties are great because they almost always involve free food! And even though I am not going to any inaugural balls, I did eat like a Queen this weekend.
It started Saturday when I met my dear old friend of 25 years, Jackie Garber, out for dinner. Jackie and her husband John were in town from Boston, and I met them out for dinner at Dos Caminos on Park Ave with another couple. Dos Caminos is a really fun fancy Mexican restaurant, home to $12 margaritas and many "Girls Night" crowds. I'm telling you, I've never seen so many tables of all women in their early 30s on a Saturday night in my life! Please don't let that ever be me!

So it was really great catching up with Jackie. We grew up in the same neighborhood and spent time together at Franklin School, home of the Dragons. While talking to her was nice, it was even more fun because of all the food we ate: guac, flautas, and ceviche for apps; a chicken and cheese quesadilla, and of course lots of booze! We shared a pitcher of sangria and then I drank 2 margaritas. I had saved all my flex points for this meal! And I think I used more than my 35, but hell, I ran 5 miles that morning. When the check came, John quickly took it, which was so super cool of him. Thanks Jackie and John for an awesome meal!

On Sunday I went to my friend Josh's last comedy show before he left for Costa Rica, where he will be living for the next year. I SWORE I wasn't going to drink, but swearing means nothing when a friend buys you a shot, as Josh's girlfriend--and my dear friend--Megan did. I also sipped on a few Yuenglings, one of which was comped by the super cute bartender.

On Monday, I spent the night at my sister's apartment in Hoboken. We went to a kickboxing class which kicked my ass, and then my sister and I went food shopping for dinner. Katie paid for the food, and we had a healthy dinner of turkey burgers, sweet potatoes and broccoli. For dessert, we ate Skinny Cow ice cream cones.

Today, Tuesday, I returned to work after a 3-day weekend, which is never fun but it wasn't too bad today because HR set up a big tv where we could watch the Inauguration. Plus they fed us pizza! I ate one slice of mushroom at lunchtime, then ate another slice of pepperoni at around 5. I went to my Weight Watchers meeting after work and lost 1 lb. Woohoo!

What a great country America is!

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