Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's my way or the Sway-way!

Patrick Swayze has been a part of my life since 1988. That's when I saw Dirty Dancing. Yes, I know it came out in the theatres in 1987, but it was PG-13, and sexy, and featured an illegal abortion, and premarital sex (yahoo!) and my Catholic, Republican parents were not about to let their precious third grade daughter, lover of LA Gear and Family Ties, see it at Lawrence Showcase Cinemas. My fifth grade sister Katie, however, DID get to see it while I saw He Man: Master of the Universe with my brother and dad. Yeah, I guess my parents saw being 10 as vastly more mature than being 8, but whatevs, the three Simons sibs all turned out okay!

The Swayz continued to keep rocking . . . 1989 brought us Road House, pottery became sexy in 1990 with Ghost,'91 he teamed with Ted for Point Break, and in 2001 he reinvented himself in Donnie Darko. And now in 2009, El Pat is taking on his greatest challenge: Pancreatic Cancer. I DVR'ed his Barbara Walters special from last night, and tonight I watched. Oh, wow, the waterworks burst! It was so emotional and wrenching and Swayze and his super cool wife of 33 years, Lisa Niemi, have such an amazing bond and love for each other and I hope I find that in a partner someday, and hopefully not on Match!

To mentally prepare myself for the interview, I ate 3 peppermint crunch Andes mints from Johnny K's Batman head. They did the trick!

All right, I need to go to bed. I love you Patrick and Lisa!

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