Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You know you've made it when your face is on a cupcake

President Barack Obama is one cool dude in many ways. So he's the first black President, he's written two books, he went to the same high school in Hawaii as my friend Tori, blah blah blah. While all that stuff IS impressive, it's not why he has a place in my heart. No, I love the Prez for reasons more mundane. I kind of dig that he smokes ciggies. Yes, it's bad for you, yes, it can get you cancer, but can you imagine sharing a butt with him? We could sneak out on the balcony like high school students. SO FUN. I also am impressed by Obama because his face graces my favorite food of all time, cupcakes! See, after 6pm everything is half off at Eleni's in Chelsea Market, so I bought 4 Barack cupcakes today. BUT, I was only charged for 2! Woohoo! Free cupcakes! I'm actually bringing them to my book club tomorrow night, so not sure which way they count. To be on the safe side, I ate several mini-York Peppermint patties from Johnny K's Batman head (that's what I say at the end of my brilliant video). Now I need to return to my tv to watch Intervention. I think someone just said "Don't touch my teeth." Wow.

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