Sunday, December 28, 2008

Redbones rules!

It's been 3 days since Christmas and I am still at my parents' house, enjoying their free hospitality. Today we went to Cambridge to visit my dear friends Ben and Gloria and their 2 babies. Since tonight was my brother Androo's last night before he heads back to Nashville, I totally manipulated the situation to get a free meal at a nearby restaurant. "Dad," I whined. "We haven't been all together since last Christmas, and tomorrow Andrew is leaving, so let's go to dinner at Redbones!"

Redbones is a super kick ass barbecue restaurant in Davis Square in Somerville. It is basically the reason I went to Duke . . . I mean, if bbq is this good here, imagine how good it will be Down South! Redbones was also the site of my surprise sixteenth birthday party, which was the day Jerry Garcia died. I was a pseudo wannabe hippie back then who did not smoke weed, so it was a bit of a traumatic day for me.

At any rate, my father heartily agreed to go to Redbones. Woohoo! When we got there we had to wait 20 minutes so we all grabbed beers except for Mom Simons. I saw someone i knew and so we chatted for a few minutes and before I knew it our table was ready!

I took charge of appetizer ordering: hush puppies and buffalo scallops and corn bread. My dad ordered the rest of the food which included pulled pork, Memphis ribs, St. Louis ribs, brisket, slaw, and beans. We finished the food within 10 minutes of it being brought to our table.

Satiated, we headed home. Mom Simons whipped out the Toblerone for dessert. All in all a great day!

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