Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New shows and a new view!

Now that the Pick-Up Artist has been chosen (Simeon, ugh, don't get me started. Please put yourself in a corner, what movie is THAT from?) and the sun has set on the Real Housewives of Atlanta (Team NENE!), I've been forced to re-evaluate my life. I cleared out my DVR of all the shows that I am probably never going to watch. These include: about 36 hours worth of Olympics coverage from August, 6 episodes of Life On Mars, Real Chance of Love, several back episodes of Intervention (though I kept Sylvia--where are my babieeeeeees???), and the episode of Degrassi where JT gets stabbed (too emotional). I feel very cleansed.

I have not given up tv altogether. Luckily, two great shows are returning so I am all set! We've got Bad Girls Club on Oxygen and Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo! Phew! Quick digression--do people think Gretchen is only 30? I think she's pretty and all, but she looks older. Maybe it's because she's dating someone 23 years older? Who knows.

So I've got all my shows in order, so I am trying to keep myself in order. I mean, I've got my sister's wedding to go to in a year! I got to get in shape! So today I ate only ONE mini-Hershey bar, and it was Special Dark.

I also ate a couple homemade Reese's peanut butter cup type things, but I made them so it doesn't count.


Kerry said...

1. Last night's Bad Girls was AMAZING. Thank you Oxygen! I cant wait to see the train wreck that will be this season! All the catfighting and drunken bar brawls! Oh god, its gonna be GREAT!
2. SYLVIA! I had no idea you loved Intervention! The Sylvia episode is almost too much. I have seen it before and even watched parts of it on youtube.
3. I ate alot of free food today. We usually have free leftover pizza laying around but today the lady who works at Charcuterie (fancy WF name for Deli) kept giving us free pieces of cheeses, hams, salamis and turkey pastrami! We pigged out and I thought of you!

Liz said...

1) Those bishes are CRAZY! I found them just a bit offenseful, from my Americanized point of view.
2) My favorite part of the episode is when Sylvia tries to open the bottle of wine with a knife. How many times have I tried to do that? I also love the Hubert episode and the Marie one. Bora!!!! He was my husband!!!
3) Oh God cheese and meats make me salivate! There is a wine bar near my apartment that serves delish prosciutto, but it's expensive so I need to get a bf to take mt ehere, hehe.