Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Update

Yo kids.

I feel really bad that my coverage of the quest for free food is so lax during the holidays, especially since the actual free food is so abundant. But between hanging out with the fam and eating, I have very limited free time to actually write. It is a conundrum my friends, a huge conundrum.

That said, we have a few thing to talk about here. One, there is a boy situation. Two, what do you do when the free food that you so desperately desire is locked in a car, not your own?

Let's talk about #1 first. Over a month ago, before Thanksgiving, I picked up a boy. He was cute, my age, single, and a traveling nurse. He seemed really into me, and I gave him my number.

I didn't hear from him at Thanksgiving, or the week after, or the week after THAT. I was okay with that because I had begun making presumptions. You see, this boy had an accent that kind of sort of screamed Long Island to me, so I figured he lived at home with his parents. So when he didn't call me, I thought, whatevs, he just doesn't want to hook up in his bedroom where all his high school sports trophies are. I can respect that.

Weeks go by, I really do forget about him, and I'm at my parents' house in the greatest town on Earth, aka NORTH ANDOVER, where men are men and cell phone reception is bad. I noticed I had a missed call this afternoon and I listened to the voicemail message. It was the dude, the traveling nurse, who will now be known as Greg (as in Greg Focker from Meet the Parents, another male nurse!). Greg is all, yo Liz, remember me, I met you a while ago, how 'bout a drink.

Now, Greg was kind of cute and I think he is Catholic because he had an Italian last name so Mama Simons would be okay with him. BUT, it's been over a MONTH since I gave him my number. So, should I give him a chance? Or do I blow that sucker off?

While we're pondering this situation, let's talk food. Today my sister Katie and I threw a reunion of sorts for the few people we actually liked from high school. Wow, was it fun. Our pal Carrie made some delish stuffed mushrooms and my sis Katie bought a delectable spread of veggies and barbecue potato chips. There was also red wine involved, yippee! After all the guests left, however, your girl Liz was still ravenous. If we were in New York, I'd go to Gray's Papaya and order 3 dogs with sauerkraut. But we're not in NY my friends, we're in the Merrimack Valley! My dad John told me my Auntie Susan and Uncle Kevin, who are staying at our house till tomorrow, had some leftovers from the Loop's (Methuen's finest shopping center) finest restaurant, Not Your Average Joe's, in their rental car. Sweet! I thought. I am on a mission.

Well, I was sorely disappointed in my quest because Susan and Kevin's car was locked. Add this to fact that they are in bed and have to wake up early to go to Florida and then you have a situation where these desire leftovers will be thrown away. Booooo!

Deflated, I returned to the house and ate a few handfuls of honey roasted peanuts and dreamt about what I should passive aggressively text Greg tomorrow. Any ideas?

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