Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Love You Like Crazy, Ken Seeley!

A lot of people are so elitist when it comes to reality tv. They say it is crap and then they go turn on their NPR. "All Things Considered," they say, "Now that's a show! But I Love New York? I'd rather love Count Dracula!"

Now, I do love me some Prairie Home Companion, but I also love me some Intervention, my favorite show on the Real Life. Drama network, aka A & E! And this week it didn't disappoint!

Intervention is probably the most serious reality show I watch. It follows a different addict every week, and then their family stages an intervention. Usually the person goes to rehab and frequently they stay sober. It's totally emotional and awesome and I clap and cry and laugh whenever I watch. So this week's episode featured Janet: mother of four, alcoholic, sex addict. She's probably about 50 but looks 70. Anyway, she had two sons from her first marriage. The younger one looked kind of like Eric Stoltz from Mask (yes, I am going to hell) and the older one was all sorts of hot. He's probably only 23 or 24 but I'd go all cougar on him. Janet was seriously ill, and she had a wonderful supportive family that have gone through hell and high water to try and save her.

Luckily, Janet's intervention was led by the kick-assiest leader Ken Seeley. And he was flat out awesome. I'm friends with him on Facebook, hehe, and I wrote on his wall to congratulate him on a job well done. And I am happy to say Janet has not drank since August! Woohoo! Good job Ken and company!

Now, I've been watching Intervention for almost 2 years and I love all the interventionists. Ken is fabulous, Candy Finnigan always makes me cry, and Jeff "I've got a bunch of people who love you like crazy" Van Vonderen is a tough bad-ass who suffers no fools. If my family ever has to put ME on the show I want Jeff to be the one to tell me "They're going to say something, then you're going to say something, and then we'll be done." He would just cold hard tell me like it is. And then I thought, I have an addiction to free food, and it's getting bad, so maybe there is a chance that my family will contact Intervention. A girl can wish.

I should not trivialize addiction, I know, but what else could explain the three packs of Nerds I ate today? Or the Reese's peanut butter cup? I need to start eating apples and tofu and pine nuts! I will start on this after the holidays.

Au revoir!

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