Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas is in the Air!

Today my friend Jillian and I decided to be all touristy and look at the department store windows and the big ass tree in Rockefeller Center. Since we were starting at Bloomingdale's, we agreed to met at 3:00 at PJ Clarke's, a super cool old school bar, on 3rd Ave.

I got there 15 minutes late, sorry Jillian! The bar was crowded with people of all ages, which is so much fun because I love talking to drinkers my parents' age, because I can charm them, and then they can introduce me to their sons!

I ordered a Guinness and then pulled out a bag of cookies I had baked to share with Jillian. The couple next to us asked for one if my adorbs Santa cookies. I happily obliged, and then we started talking to them. They were from Philly and the woman loved Tasty Kakes, just like I do! They got up to go to their table so they could eat. Bartender George came up to Jillian and me and told me our next round had been bought by the couple! Woohoo!

So I ordered another Guinness and really enjoyed the department store windows!!!

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