Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad, aka the VHM!

Today is my super cool Dad's birthday. He is 57 years young! And a Very Handsome Man! Too bad I'm not spending the day with him--I bet my mom made him a delicious cake that would be free for me to eat!

Can we talk though? I must admit I am a little disappointed. Despite loving Ken Seeley like crazy, and updating AND writing on his wall these same sentiments, Seeley has not written me back. WTF???

Well, I am moving on. I was very pleased that an episode of Intervention made #6Jezebel's list of 20 greatest reality tv moments of 2008. This was the one featuring Marie, a woman with alcoholism which is "off the chain bad" (her words not mine). She's Italian-American, doesn't like to wear pants, and loves her ex-husband Bora. "He was my husband!" She did get sober (yeah!). Seeley was the interventionist so at least he did some good, even though he does not appreciate my support.

Anyway, my addiction continues. I ate a cute little cupcake and inadvertently stole a piece of pizza from a meeting. It was completely accidental-there w \as a pizza box left out in the kitchen and I grabbed one of three slices left. Then a woman in another department comes out of a conference room and says that the pizza is not available yet. I run to the bathroom so I am not caught and eat the pie in the stall. So ghetto.

Tonight I decorated my adorable Santa cookies that I will bring to my co-workers tomorrow. Do you see how cute they are? They're hiding out in my fridge for now!

All right got to go to bed.

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