Saturday, December 13, 2008

Red Wine is a beautiful addition to clothes!

Sorry I'm late kids. I meant to write my entry yesterday before I Left work, but I forgot, and then I got home at 5 in the morning, so there you go!

What did I do in those hours between leaving work and getting home. Well, I partied and ate free food and drank free booze, of course!

My friend Holly was having a holiday party in Harlem. She can say holiday party because I think she's Jewish, so it wasn't just her being all pc. I get there and don't know anyone, but that's okay because there is 7-layer bean dip on the table, and that brings everyone together. I pour myself a glass of red wine and proceed to spill it immediately. Yeah! Luckily I know this awesome red wine stain removal tip that actually works: you put Nutella on the stain and rub it in and it disappears! Haha just kidding! What you REALLY do is take Dawn soap, mix it with hydrogen peroxide, and dab it on with a Q tip. If the stain doesn't disappear immediately, put it in the wash and it will be fine.

So I mix and mingle, eat chocolate, drink more, and then my dear friends Megan and Josh stop by. We proceed to party up a storm and that at some point we take a can back to Queens and go to a bar in Somerville. We sang karaoke, and drank beer and whiskey. For the life of me I cannot remember what song I sang. Megan? Josh? Can you help me out???

Before I knew it was 4 and closing time. "You don't have to go jome but you can't stay here." Well, I did the smart thing and did go home. I stayed up till 5 or so playing Pacman and then went to bed, woohoo!

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