Sunday, December 21, 2008

Astoria forever!!!

Wassup kids?!?! I was supposed to take the bus back to Boston today but then the weather was supposed to be all crappy, so I decided to hang out in NYC one more day! Woohoo!

I had an awesome day. I woke up early and ate black bean soup for breakfast (not free, and out of a can--how depressing). I played free pacman on my computer for a little while, and then I went to church at 1 pm. I'm kind of in love with my parish. It's totally not flashy, and there aren't any young good-looking men there, but the pastor has this kick ass New York accent, and there are a ton of families, and it just makes me really happy. It's very small town, and it's so nice to see this in the midst of New York City. At the end of Mass, the priest announced there would be carolling and a visit from Santa at 6:30 tonight. So I called up my friends Stephanie and Bethany and we met back up at the church in the evening. There were lots of kids, and my ovaries over-reacted. Yikes! After the singing, there was an old school church function in the school cafeteria complete with cookies and hot chocolate and Santa. Now, my friends and I wanted to go to a bar, but I needed free food, so I snuck in and grabbed 2 cookies, including the leaf one that I have pasted here! I totally wasn't stealing as I go to this church every Sunday (for the past 3 weeks at least!).

Tonight really put me in the Christmas spirit and it was a reminder that my neighborhood in Astoria is not just a place where I sleep but I am part of the community! I love you Astoria!!!

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