Monday, December 8, 2008

Dreaming to Be Thin: The Liz Simons Story

Oh my how much does the title of my post sound like a Lifetime, television for a women, Monday night feature film? A lot? Yeah, that's what I say too.

Here's the thing, especially if you are a super cute single boy who is reading this and has never met me or seen me recently. I'm not fat, nor even chubby. I just have a lot of junk in the trunk. As in, enough to go on a cross country trip without stopping. I've grown to appreciate my posterior, thanks in part to a former co-worker who happened to be black and pointed out that my ass was awesome. Growing up among white people--and being one myself--I did not realize this.

So here's my point: last night I went to bed and I had a really great dream about a really hot guy being madly in love with me. At one point he picked me up and swung me around. And in the dream he kind of grunted when he picked me up. Which freaked me out because aren't dreams like this supposed to be all happy and hot? But no, in my dream my man can't pick me up without grunting.

So I woke up all inspired to get back in shape. I didn't wake up early enought to run, so I boiled two eggs for a healthy breakfast (not free).

At work I decided Liz, you are going to be good and track all your food as a good Weight Watcher should! You should also take semi-healthy pieces of candy from Johnny K's Batman head.

So I ate a dark chocolate Peanut Chew (and a pack of M and M's and Nerds. Baby steps, people, baby steps).

I went to the gym after work, and tomorrow I plan on waking up on time to go for a quick jog. We're giving our two interns a going away pizza party during lunch, and then tomorrow night we're having our office holiday party, so tomorrow will be a test. Also an excellent source of free food, let's be honest.

Hopefully my dream boy will bulk up, because I am not exactly ready to give up free food.

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