Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas rocks!

I know it is oh so not pc, but whatevs! That's how I roll!

So merry Xmas all, even if it's early, and sorry this is written post-midnight, but can we talk???

So tonight I had my "holiday" work party, which means Christmas to me! I managed to eat all the appetizers that were put out in this budget-conscious time: cucumber sandwiches, spinach Greek type things, and my beloved mozzarella sticks. I also drank 4 or 5 Stellas and one champagne-y drink. Woohoo!

Love you all, now I need to watch Bad Girls Club on the DVR. Or, I could go to bed!

And yes, I did wake up on time to run three miles this morning!

1 comment:

Katie S. said...

Liz, very funny stuff. Wait till FREE FOOD at Santa Con. Did your outfit come in yet?