Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Triceratops: on their Neck and Leg Muscles

Hey all! Miss me??? Probs you do! Don't blame you! You will all be happy to know that this past weekend was a victorious one in the quest for free food.

It started Friday night when I met my sister out for dinner in Astoria at a place called Ovelia. Being a good Catholic (well, for the 40 days during Lent at least), I abstained from meat and booze, and instead munched on eggplant dip, pita bread, and a portobello sandwich with goat cheese. I drank 2 Diet Pepsis and water. When the bill came, Sister Katie grabbed it. I was TOTALLY OKAY with her paying the check. It was like practicing for an Internet date! Afterwards, we stopped at a cafe for dessert and coffee. I paid this time--didn't want her to think she was going to get laid!

On Saturday I slept in and went for a 40 minute run. It hurt as I haven't exercised in 3 weeks. Afterwards, I met a friend out at the Museum of Natural History on the Upper West Side. It's cool because while admission for adults is $15, it is simple a suggested donation--you can be cheap and give less. I was all set to pay $5, but when I got to the counter I chickened out and paid the full price. The Museum of Natural History is so super rad and I cannot believe I had not been there sooner. Just like all the little kids, I was obsessed with the dinosaur room, and I was completely enthralled to see a triceratops fossil (or fake fossil). You see, in 7th grade I did an amazing science video project on the tri with my friend Leah, and I seemed to have a speech impediment when it came to the words triceratops, and also the phrase the "neck and leg muscles." I have recreated this brilliant and informative video for you. Watch and learn.

Afterwards, my friend and I went to a cafe and she treated me to a coffee and a huge chocolate chip cookie. Not exactly the wisest choice for a Weight Watcher, but eh, it was Saturday and I'm not drinking booze for 40 days so who cares about a few extra calories. So there was my free food quota for Saturday.

This morning I ran a 5k road race in Washington Heights. My time wasn't great--I ran a 10:30 mile, but it wasn't all bad because after a bunch of us went over to my friend Jessica's apartment where she served us homemade--and free!--pancakes turkey sausage and bacon, coffee, and eggs. What a wonderful day! Then I returned to Astoria and have been catching up on my shows and cooking all afternoon. I should go to bed soon. I'm excited because tomorrow we may get a foot of snow in the city--maybe they'll cancel work! Hehe! A girl can wish! Love you all! Especially my sister Katie, though I don't even think she reads this blog. Silly girl!

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