Monday, March 23, 2009

My Amazing Race . . . to find free food!

Several years ago, I rented the movie Chuck and Buck. My brother Androo and I watched it in our parents' basement and wow weren't we all kinds of disturbed. I have no idea how to describe it except to say there is a classic line which can be found here. It's the second one down.

Mike White starred in Chuck and Buck. He also wrote School of Rock, which is slightly more mainstream. At any rate, Mike and his gay dad Mel--who used to ghost -write for the very tolerant Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson--are on the current season of Amazing Race and they are, well, amazing. I am so in love with Mel that I am sad he is 1) older than my dad 2) homosexual and 3) has a long-term partner who I highly doubt he will leave for me. Boooooo! It would never work for us!

Amazing Race is one of my favorite shows ever (surpassing I Love Money, the Millionaire Matchmaker, and Celebrity Apprentice COMBINED) and it got me thinking, they probably get to eat a lot of free food in their travels around the world. Some of it is exotic (sheep testicles), some is not (pies), and some will get you drunk (vodka). I imagine there is not much time for blogging though, so it would be challenging for me to maintin the brilliant website that is while traipsing around the globe.

Till then, I have to settle for what free food I can scrounge at work. Totday is was leftover salad (although I only picked the olives out of it) and a couple mini-mini Cadbury eggs from Johnny K's Batman head.

Now your girl Liz has got to go to bed!

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