Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Facebook reminds me I probably don't need to eat so much free food

Facebook is good in many ways. You can track down your first grade crush, you can learn 25 really important things about a person, and you can share with the world every last detail about your personal life! Yippee! It's like we invited Big Brother from 1984 to be our new roommate!

What is bad about Facebook: Photos!

Photos on Facebook are bad in three main ways. One, you have to look at people's baby's ultrasounds, which I'm sorry to say is creepy. Two, it is depressing when 25 of your friends were tagged in a wedding album of a 26th friend, and you weren't invited to that wedding and it makes you feel sorry for yourself, and think that no one will ever love you.

And three, you cannot control when people will post unflattering pictures of you. My friend Craig, whom I adore, recently posted a potentially awesome picture of me. It is from a trip this past summer to Cape Cod. In it, I am sitting in between 2 gorgeous Italian (from Italy!) men. My thighs are the size of tree trunks. Horrible. I would untag myself, but the Italians are so sexy that I want all my friends who I have not seen in 1, 5, 10 years to see the hot company I keep!

Which brings me to my post about free food. I've been making healthier choices because next year I want those tree trunks to look like twigs, or at the very least branches. So today I ate a sample chocolate mint bar they gave out for free at Weight Watchers.

All right, I'm out!

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