Thursday, March 12, 2009

PJ O'No I did not drink beer!

Hey all!

Tonight I met my dear friend Lori for happy hour at PJ O'Clarke's. It was going to be a true test for me, as I have not set foot in a bar since Ash Wednesday and in case you have forgotten I gave up booze for Lent.

And guess what? Your girl Liz succeeded! Instead, I had actual real conversations with people and I played Password with Lori and her friends Alex and Jake. Woohoo!

While I abstained from the hooch juice, I did not abstain from free food at work! My colleague Adrian made cupcakes (yum!). At around 5pm, my stomach was growling and I left my desk under the illusion that I was going to the bathroom but instead I was just checking to see if there was any free food leftover in the kitchen. And there was, and it was pizza! I grabbed the last slice and returned to my desk, no trip to the bathroom required.



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