Wednesday, March 25, 2009

North Andover, MA: Home of the Scarlet Knights, pizza shop employee beatings, and Liz Simons!

I know when you look at your girl Liz, you think that I am a very sophisticated city girl. You think, wow, Liz has style! And grace! And lots and lots of lovers! Yes, yes, these are common first impressions of me. And while they are all correct, I have never forgotten my roots. I grew up in the world's greatest town in the world's greatest valley. North Andover and Merrimack, respectively. Holla!

North Andover is home to many great things, among them Harrison's Roast Beef, residents Barry O'Hagan and Bob Langevin (tied for first place in my "Top 10 Greatest Dads who are not my own Dad" ), and Smolak Farms (my first job ever). North Andover is just a stone's throw away from tax-free Salem, New Hampshire and Methuen's greatest shopping destination, The Loop. Jealous much?

Your girl Liz was not an athlete in high school, rather I was a mathlete, spelling bee champion, and theater geek. That's why running the 15k this past weekend in Central Park was so important to me, picture above! I was making the town of North Andover proud!

Which is a great feat considering how we have made the news lately. Don't go stealing $20k from your place of employment, or you might just get a gun stuck in your mouth! Ah, blessed North Andover!

Good thing they have me, free food eating champion of the world. After a not great weigh-in at Weight Watchers yesterday, I pledged to eat more healthy foods this week. But, how could I resist a mini-Cadbury creme egg? I couldn't, so I ate it!

Now I've got to go to bed!

Love you all like crazy!

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