Monday, March 30, 2009

Yeah, I ate my words, and they tasted bad

Okay okay, Duke lost. Boohoo. I am over it. I ate my words. They were free but nasty!

Luckily this past weekend more than made up for it!

It started off Friday when my girl Megan offered me a free ticket to the new Neil LaBute play, Reasons to be Pretty, at the Lyceum Theatre. The play rocked and made me happy I was not in a relationship! Hehe! And I am always pretty! Double hehe! After the play, Megan and my other girl and cohort and play attendee Eliza and I went to an Irish bar near the venue. I drank 2 Diet Cokes, since it's Lent and all, and of course I told the cute Irish bartender that was why I wasn't drinking beer. Best part? Megan and Eliza bought me those Diet Cokes, so they were free!

Saturday I had my children's lit book club. We are reading The Subtle Knife, book #2 in Philip Pullman's series His Dark Materials. I went over to my buddy Chris's gorgeous apartment in Park Slope, which took almost an hour and a half from Queens! Yeah!

The book discussion was good, but even better was the free food! We're talking Snickerdoodles. We're talking cheese and crackers. We're talking rugelach, cookies, popcorn, and loads of other treats, including wine which I did not drink!

After book club, I headed over to Hoboken for my sister's 32nd birthday party. Wow, what a feast! I ate lasagna, a delish and huge piece of chocolate cake, salad, and lots of apps! Then on Sunday I ate leftover lasagna and cake! Woohoo!

Today, again, I ate leftover lasagna. It was very filling. I also ate a chocolate chip cookie that my coworker Paul gave me. So so so good.

Now your girl Liz needs to go to bed and dream about food!

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