Thursday, March 5, 2009

Walk, Tortoise, Walk!

Hey all!

I am so happy it is Friday tomorrow. Not that I am doing anything this weekend, but your girl Liz needs a break from being so important at work. I plan on doing my laundry, catching up on my shows, and writing. Should be good times.

This week, while busy, has also been pretty awesome when it comes to free food. Yesterday was a rainfall. It started at lunch when my friend had extra pizza and garlic knots. I ate a slice of pepperoni and 1/2 a slice of cheese. And 1 garlic knot.

Then after work I had my book club in the uber hip and socially conscious nabe known as Park Slope! We read Rabbit, Run by the recently departed John Updike, though I still had 30 pages to go when I got there. I'm not going to lie--I had a tough time with this book. I want to be all sophisticated and English majory and say oh Updike is my fave writer ever, when I'm not reading Pynchon, but alas I must be honest . . . Rabbit, Run was too slow for me and was more like Tortoise, Walk (this alternate title was suggested to me by my Boston friend Suzy--I give credit where credit is due!).

Despite my struggle with the book (the last 30 pages, which I finished today, actually redeem it--it's when shit finally starts happening!), Book Club is always an excellent source of free food! I ate hummus, guac, chips, olives, spinach pita things, cheese, and crackers. No wine though, because St. Liz is abstaining from booze during Lent. For the main course I ate chicken, rice, salad, and lots and lots of desserts, though I brought the sweets over myself so they don't count as free food.

Today I was late for work because I got home so late from book club. Wow, that's a pathetic reason to be tardy to the work party. I snuck a few pieces of candy in for my free food quota today. Then I ran 6 miles after work. Yippee!

Now I am showering! Goodbye!

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