Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 3 of Lent: No booze and no beef!

Woohoo! Despite the extreme sacrifices I am making during Lent, I'm still eating plenty of free food. Just not drinking the hooch.

Started today when I took part in a focus group at work and ate 3 pieces of cheese pizza (they were thin crust and small) and salad. Then I met my sister out for dinner. We ordered eggplant dip, and I drank 2 Diet Cokes and ate a portobello mushroom "burger"--their words, not mine. Katie drank 2 cocktails, but as I am a devout Catholic I abstained to fulfill my promise to God, hehe.

Lest I sound like a holy roller, I will be sinning a LOT after Easter.

Love you all!

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