Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Skinny Girls Cannot Be Trusted . . .

Now, don't think I'm hating on thin girls. Notice the dot dot dots . . . what I mean is skinny girls cannot be trusted at . . . Weight Watchers meetings!!!

Here's the deal. This super tiny girl in my Weight Watchers meeting made Lifetime today, which means she has reached and maintained her goal weight for 6 weeks. It's a big accomplishment and deserves respect. When I reached Lifetime in 2002 after losing 35 lbs, I cried.

But this skinny little bitch only lost 17 lbs, and she was too thin as it was, so, I don't know, I was ANNOYED. I mean, the chick probably does not suffer from the same cupcake addiction that I do! It's not like she made that many sacrifices during her "lifestyle change" as we like to call it at Weight Watchers. No, she probably now only drinks 2 Cosmos per weekend night as opposed to the previous 3. Trust me--this girl was a Cosmo drinker. Or perhaps margaritas. I highly doubt she ever drank a Guinness.

I myself will hopefully lose more than 17 lbs! However, no matter how much weight I lose, I will always maintain my large behind, which is awesome (thank you to the black co-worker who pointed this out to me almost 3 years ago. Where were you in high school???). So to support my arse, today I ate several pieces of chocolate from Johnny K's stash.

All right, I'm tired, going to bed now. Smooches!

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