Thursday, February 5, 2009

I went to a work party and all I got was this plate of vegetables!

So today we had a mixer at the office because a bunch of new people moved into share our space. Woohoo! Free food! They scheduled the mixer at 2:30, so I knew it wouldn't be lunch. Too expensive in this economy. I figured we'd get cupcakes and/or Krispy Kreme Donuts. Guess what? Your girl Liz was WRONG. The company went all green and bought healthy food from Whole Foods. We're talking vegetable trays. Many, many vegetable trays. And the drinks? All healthy juices and Pelegrino. Yes, Pelegrino. Lest a bite hand that feeds me (hehe) I SHOULD add that there were also plates of cheese and olives and yes, cookies and brownies. Just that the main star of the show was the veggies! I also found a new partner in crime, Bob. Bob works with me and he too is a Weight Watcher. He was really supportive of me and told me not to eat more than the three cookies I took. After the mixer, i brought my tupperware to bring some food home. "No cookies!" Bob declared. "Stick with the celery sticks!" And I did. Overall the party was a success!

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