Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ashes to Ashes

Ugh, what a day. I woke up super early to go to church to get my ashes. I dressed up all cute in my black pencil skirt, heels, and a blue and white striped button down shirt. Totally worked the sexy librarian look, which is really appropriate on the first day of Lent. Here we are preparing for Christ to rise in a few weeks and I'm all let's go find the Catholic boys! Which is fine, but even I can admit perhaps my priorities are a bit askew. For example, last week I met a guy out whom I actually like, and I dressed really boring in jeans and a cable knit sweater, plus I didn't shave my legs as insurance so I wouldn't hook up with him. Ahhh, planning ahead!

I was all excited to get my ashes, but unfortunately my bangs covered them so no one knew what a pious Catholic I am. Booo. And I didn't leave my office once today because I am so important and busy all the time, so I didn't get to attract any Catholic boys. Also, I'm giving up booze for Lent so I couldn't go to a bar after work. Oh well.

Lest I sound ungrateful, tonight was nice. I got caught up on Bad Girls Club and the Real Housewives. I ate only 2 pieces of free candy from Johnny K's Batman head, a mini York peppermin patty and a lil Dove concoction.

I feel another cold coming on so I am heading to bed. Smooches!

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