Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slumdog Foodinaire

Okay, I get it. Slumdog was a good movie. Benjamin Button had neato effects. Hollywood is so so so awesome and you do many great things, you all change the world. Yes, I'm watching the Oscars as I write this and honestly cannot take the masturbatory pat on the back that the entertainment industry gives itself once a year. Even my usual favorite part, the dead people montage, was lame because you couldn't read any of their names and no one clapped for my man Charlton Heston. Booo! And Robert DeNiro's love affair with dictator-fan Sean Penn??? Gag me with a spoon and then give me my copy of the New York Post.

Did love the Seth Rogen/James Franco bits, as well as Tina Fey and Steve Martin. Also love all the free food I ate this weekend. It started on a good note on Friday. I met my college friends Sunil and Eva and her hubby Dan out for dinner at a bar in Murray Hill. Fratboy central in front, cool chill restaurant in the back. It was the mullet of bars! We ordered nachos and 2 bottles of wine to share, and for dinner I ate an ahi tuna salad. When the check came, Sunil took it and said it was on him. I completed supported him in his decision.

Afterwards Eva, Dan, and I took a cab to a bar in Tribeca where they had beer and shuffleboard. Wow, I felt like a Golden Girl! I didn't know people under 75 played shuffleboard! A friend of Eva and Dan's worked at the bar and gave us free beer. Yippee! At 2:30 I decided it was time to go home. Since I had spent only about $5 all night, I high rolled it and took a taxi back to Queens.

Saturday I had my children's lit book club at my friend Mark's apartment in Hamilton Heights. I brought some Italian cookies and a bottle of wine, but to my delight there were several more bottles of wine, and cakes and cookies and chips so I ate lots of free food and drank lots of free booze. I didn't feel too bad because I'm giving up booze for Lent (except on St. Paddy's Day) so I'm getting it all in now!

Today my sister took me out for sushi for dinner. No alcohol, but I did drink a Diet Coke!

Now I'm going to bed. Love you all like crazy!

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