Monday, February 2, 2009

Coming up next on Temptation Island: Cupcakes!

My faithful readers, all 7 of you, know how I feel about cupcakes. I love them and I eat them constantly when they are put out for free after corporate meetings, of which there are many at my office. And that explains the 25 pounds I have gained since I started working at my company 2 years ago. The one good thing about the economy sinking is that companies are tightening the purse strings and holding meetings when cupcakes are not all that desired (like 10:30 am), so I have not been tempted as much. Till today. I ate my healthy lunch of salad and a Lean Cuisine Baked Chicken Florentine (4 points and delish), and then I went to the bathroom and saw THEM. And by THEM I mean these super cute cupcakes with little sugar footballs on them in tribute the the Super Bowl that no one outside of Arizona and Pittsburgh cared about (though Bruce was looking HOT. I hope he doesn't cheat on his wife.). I took one and wrapped it up in a paper towel and brought it into the bathroom with me contemplating what to do with it. Throw it out? Flush it down the toilet? Nahh, in the end I brought it back to my desk and ate it. I credited it as being 5 points, though I'm in denial and it's probably more. I don't feel too bad though: I ran a road race yesterday and today I took a "Total Body Conditioning" class at the gym that totally rocked. All right, must go to bed. Smooches!

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