Monday, February 9, 2009

Give me an Intervention for Free Food!

Even though he never returns my calls or e-mails, I really love my brother Androo. We share an appreciation for the show "Intervention," and we can even act out scenes via text. This is from the Derek episode. He was a Canadian bodybuilder/alcoholic with really gay facial hair:

Derek (via me): I might kill myself. Do you think I'm kidding?
Derek's friend (via Androo): No, I think you're dead serious.
Derek (via me): Give me the boooooooze.

I would show you the clip, but they took it down from Youtube. Booooo!

At any rate, I bring up my passion for Intervention to illustrate my addictive personality when it comes to free food! And how the free food clashes with the Weight Watchers. Today I wasn't feeling 100%, so I ate oatmeal for breakfast and chicken for lunch (not free). However, I did eat 2 Ghirardelli chocolates and a mini-box of Nerds, all free. Whyyyyyyyy?

Not sure what the rest of the week will bring, perhaps a visit from Candy Finnigan (an awesome interventionist from Intervention)? A girl can wish.

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