Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reading children's lit and eating cupcakes: What the cool kids are doing

In case you didn't know, I am a nerd. Granted, it's not as obvious as when I was a high school mathlete and 8th-grade spelling bee champion, but my inner geekiness shines through quite frequently when I talk about the 52 books I read every year (one a week kiddos. Jealous, no?).

This year I am on pace to read about 65, no joke, because 1) I am a geek (see above) 2) I have a long subway commute and 3) I read a lot of children's lit. Not all the time, peeps, but I am in a children's lit book club and today we met to discuss the Looking Glass Wars, which is this weird sci-fi, fantasy-tinged retelling of Alice in Wonderland. It is okay, but reread Harriet the Spy if you want to read the best children's book evs.

And just like my food, I like my books free too so I am a frequent visitor to the NYPL.

But I digress. My book club meetings are always fun because, you guessed it, there is free food. We met at Steph's pad in Brooklyn, which was not as nightmarish to get to as I thought it would be from Queens. I brought chocolate chip cookies which I had made the night before. I added candy corn to them which was experimental and a failure. But, they were still edible.

Luckily, the spread was pretty eclectic and expanisve. There was hummus and chips, sticky pork buns dim sum thingies, little Ritz Bitz cheese crackers, and my beloved cupcakes! I ate a little bit of everything, hehe, no big surprise there!

Now I need to go to bed before I eat something else non-free!


Jessica said...

What about the best teen lit ever written?

Liz said...

Haha I LOVED Rainbow Party!!! Barnes and Noble 4-evs!