Saturday, October 25, 2008

Let's do brunch!

One of the great things about having friends and family who make more money than you is that they always offer to pay! Not that I am a mooch, but my sister Katie and her friend Lori called me up this morning to ask if I wanted to go to brunch on the Upper East Side. Now, I live in Queens, so anyone knows this is like asking someone who lives in Boston to drive to Portland, Maine for a meal. I whined but finally relented when they said it would be their treat!

So we went to Green Something Kitchen and I ordered coffee and Eggs Guacamole. Then afterwards Lori suggested we get fro yo, and I figured why not? So I got peanut chocolate and mint chocolate chip with jimmies on top (jimmies are sprinkles to all you non-New Englanders out there), all courtesy of Katie and Lori. It was delish and free! Now I am getting ready to go to a party, where I am sure there will be some complimentary snacks. Gym be damned!

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