Thursday, October 23, 2008

Boston Market: Home Away From Home

This week I completed the novel Mergers & Acquisitions. Mergers & Acquisitions is very funny and very good. It blends the biting satire of Tom Wolfe with the hilarious lunacy of Christopher Moore, two of my all-time favorite writers.

Mergers & Acquisitions was written by Dana Vachon, who graduated a year behind me at Duke and received a two-book, $650,000 advance from his publisher. I write a free blog about free food. Eek! And hearing all this about classmates WAY more successful than I just wants me want to work that much harder for my free grub! Maybe someone will discover me!

So, while I'm waiting, I am going to hunt!

Today I ate an early lunch because I skipped breakfast. I brought in Weight Watchers Cabbage soup and white cannelloni bean chili. Not free because I made both of them. After I ate, I went to the bathroom and I passed Conference Room 8B and there was a PARTY going on. I assumed it was all the higher ups, because they are usually the ones who have catered lunch meetings, but no, it was normal people like me! Apparently one of my colleagues got a new job and her department was throwing her a going away party. And there was Boston Market food! I thought to myself--yes you just ate your Weight Watchers soup and Cooking Light Chili, but what you REALLY want is mac and cheese and mashed potatoes and creamed corn and a chocolate cookie and half a big brownie! So I crashed the party and ate all these food items.

But don't worry, I went to the gym after work.

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