Wednesday, July 8, 2009

This is how I want to go . . .

A man fell into a vat of chocolate and DIED.

While very sad, I hope he got a taste on his way out of this world. And I pray, PRAY it wasn't bittersweet.

Am I heartless? No. This blows. But remember, I am writing a blog about free food that many, many people read. 9 of you, in fact!

While there was no vat of chocolate for me, work was still awesome today in the quest for free food. To celebrate a big accomplishment in the office, our VIPs ordered us pizza. Woohoo! I ate 4 slices and some salad. Eek!

Then my anonymous donor gave me another biscotti and almond cookie today. Jackpot!

Now I've got to go to bed!


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