Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The friend who must not be named . . .

So my friend "Dori" got all mad at the alias I chose to give her yesterday. She explained, via text:
Dori??? I would have preferred cory [sic]. Dori sounds like a fat chick.

So cory [sic], my dear beautiful friend. I will do my best to address your concerns.

Today was a meh day for food, but a great day for boy seeing!

Let's get the bad news over with first.

Food: Lately I've been struggling with my Weight Watchers. I gained 2 lbs this week which is not surprising since I drank some, er, several beers on Saturday night, as well as a number of mini-cupcakes and brownies and mac salad on Sunday, and on the other days I ate a lot of other awesome, fattening--but free--food! While delicious, these foods are hanger-ons. They just cling to my hips and thighs and ass. Oh well!

So after gaining my 2 lbs I renewed my vow to Weight Watchers. Less booze and sweets, more fruits and vegetables. BORING.

So today I ate a lot of healthy stuff that I packed for lunch. And then at the end of the day I ate a couple mini-Hershey bars from the Batman head to reward myself. I needed my free food for the day!

After work I was meeting my Harry Potter book club to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at the historic Ziegfeld Theatre in midtown. Before I left work, I changed into my homemade Harry Potter tank top that I wore to the book 7 release party in Soho 2 years ago, pictured below. On the front it says "I love Harry!" and the back reads "Gryffindor rules!"

My friend Mark and I are like the Harry and Ginny of New York, except not really

On my way to the subway a really cute tall boy walked behind me. I thought he might be checking me out, and then I realized I was wearing the aforementioned tank and I had drawn a purple lightning bolt on my forehead. I am the girl who lived!

Overall, the movie was good but a lil boring, as was my big bag of popcorn after 10 handfuls. But, hey, I saw a cute boy!

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