Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Belated 7-11!

7-11 is my favorite holiday in the world. Since 2000, I have been venturing to a 7-11 near me to grab a Slurpee and taquito to celebrate this special date.

When I was living in Boston, this was easy as there there almost as many 7-11s as there are Dunkin Donuts. New York, unfortunately, is a lot tougher. I scouted one out on 30th Ave in Astoria, and visited there after my marathon training run at 10 in the morning!

The young woman working there gave me a small cup to get a FREE Slurpee, and then I bought a much bigger one.

What flavor did I get, you ask?

All of them! See, I am a big fan of the "Suicide Slurpee" where you mix all the flavors together. This time I got Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Cherry, and Crystal Light. SOOOO good! I also ordered 2 buffalo chicken taquitos. Yum!

Be sure to mark your calendars for next 7-11!

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