Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I was stood up for a speed date, but I got a free drink out of it!!!


Last night I attended the most pretentious event of all time, Ivy League Speed Dating! While I did not go to an Ivy, my alma mater was on the designated list of additional approved schools. So we Blue Devils were allowed to mingle with the Crimsons and the Big Greens of this world, at least for one night! Woohoo!

I chalked up $38 to attend, but we were promised one free drink! Wow! So wasn't I thrilled when I got there and there were 6 men to 8 women in my age group, and 3 men to 7 women in the older age group. Obviously the organizer didn't major in math at MIT! And to add insult to injury, I was on the high end of the age bracket and all the men were actually boys under the age of 25, except for one (more on him later).

As I am one who makes lemonade out of lemons, I found the best solution--ask for an extra free drink ticket! So I ordered a second glass of pinot grigio!

After the really awesome event where I met only one person who watched True Blood, we chilled out and drank some more! A nice Asian graduate of Cornell gave me his drink ticket, so I ordered yet another free glass of pinot grigio. I continued talking to the one boy who was my age who was totally cute. I snuck him my card which is a big no no in the speed dating world but who cares! Your girl Liz is a risk taker! A rule breaker!

And now I am going to sleep!!!

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