Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Week in Review


Your girl Liz has been BUSY. Which in the world of free food means she has been EATING. So let's start.

On Friday I took the always classy Fung-Wah bus back to Boston. I made it home alive, a plus! My father picked me up at South Station, and we drove to beautiful North Andover, home of the Scarlet Knights. Luckily, my mom had stocked the fridge and freezer so plenty of free grub was waiting for her favorite daughter, aka me! I was so excited to seen she had the Weight Watchers ice cream bars called "Candy Bars" because my best bud Lori had recommended them to me. I ate one (3 points!!!) as well as a Weight Watcher lemon cake (1 point). Free and delish!

Saturday I slept in, drank some free coffee, and made a sandwich out of whole wheat pitas and spreadable cheddar cheese. Always klassy, like Kim from Real Housewives of Atlanta!

I'm never tardy to the party!

Afterwards, I went for a 9 mile run through the mean streets of North Andover. I felt awesome and sexy!

That night I performed at my favorite comedy club in the whole world, the Comedy Studio in Cambridge. The show rocked. I was super happy with my set, even happier about the Bud Light my friend Cindie bought me!

Sunday I ate more food at my parents' house, woohoo! After Mass at St. Mike's, I attended the sheep-shearing festival on the Old Common. Oh how I love small towns! And then I took the glorious Fung-Wah back to New York. Again, made it home alive.

I was exhausted at work on Monday, but nothing a chocolate kiss from John K's Batman head couldn't fix! I ran 4 miles after work.

Yesterday was an all-star day in the quest for free food. I left work early to attend a wonderful gala to benefit Project Sunshine at Cipriani 42nd Street . Cipriani is a SERIOUS New York space. We're talking big money here. Now, you might be shocked to know this, but your girl Liz is not a high roller. But, I am a person who cares deeply about the world and I volunteer for Project Sunshine, which is a super awesome nonprofit organization that provides free educational, recreational, and social programs to children facing medical challenges and their families. I had the opportunity to attend their annual fundraising gala event as a volunteer, and when else will I get to go to Cipriani's??? So I went!

Now, overall the evening was a huge success, a lot of money was raised, I worked the silent auction and sold the HELL out of my prizes, but this is a blog about free food, people. So, volunteers were provided free burritos from Chipotle's. Yippee! I hid one in my purse for the next day's lunch. Then 3 hours into the evening another volunteer and I persuaded one of the servers to bring us out some Cipriani fancy rolls! He was the man because he also brought us out a plate of asparagus, zucchini,
and polenta. Yeah for yuppie food!

Then today at work was AWESOME because we had an ice cream social! Blind item: Guess who got 2 scoops when everyone else got one???

All right, I need to SLEEP!

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